Standard furniture:

The standard furniture range available from Powar Tents includes:

3' round tables (for cakes)
4' round tables (seats 6-8)
5' round tables (seats 8-10)
6' round table (seats 10-12)
6'x2'3 trestle table (seats 6)

Banqueting chairs in gilt or other colours

Plastic folding chairs.

Other furniture and equipment can very easily be sourced if required. 

Dance floors:

Our standard range includes two styles of dance floor:

Wooden dancefloors - interlocking oak plywood, classic elegance.

Green Plastic interlocking flooring. 

Flooring :

Powar Tents supply two types of flooring:

Carpet: contract carpet is typically used to cover hard floors, but can overlay polythene membrane as well for a more formal style

Hard floor: Made out of interlocking plywood panels, hard flooring is often covered by carpet. It is perfect for formal events, and for winter parties, when protection against waterlogged ground may be necessary.